Sports camps are specially designed camps to provide training to children in a wide range of sports.

The Best part about summer is the fact that parents enroll their kids for summer camps. When it comes to kids, anything is better than sitting at home and watching television all day long. Summer camps help kids become more physically active, make new friends, and basically, enjoy yourself.

Sports camps are specially designed camps to supply training to children in a wide range of sports. These camps are supervised by trained professionals. The camps are conducted generally for 3-4 weeks, but might even stretch for more than 3 months. In USA, camps are split into day camps and overnight camps.

Sports Activities

Summer Camp Games for Kids

Summer Camp Games for Kids

Number of sporting activities are conducted in kids summer camps viz., soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, skating, roller hockey, cheer leading etc. It is best to let the child choose his favorite game; but an activity which suits the physical abilities and age of the kid should be preferred. Therefore, care ought to be taken to see that the kids aren’t bored of lengthy camps. In USA, most of the sports camps offer coaching in soccer, baseball, tennis, lacrosse and wrestling. You ought to make best use of such camps.

Splashing Waters

For the next summer camp games, ask the kids to stay in the backyard and sit inside a circle. This game is played like the duck-duck-goose game. Now instead of touching their heads, you’ll walk behind them with a glass of colored water. While you would say duck-duck-goose, go drip-drip-splash. Whenever you say “drip”, pour a little bit of water on their own heads. Whoever gets picked as “splash” gets drenched using the water in the cup. Carry on till every kid is completely completely soaked. And colored.

Smelling Garlic

Ask the kids to sit down in a circle and give each one of these a name – mayonnaise, salsa, and ketchup. You now, the leader calls out a reputation, for example “mayonnaise”. Every kid named which get up, run around the circle in clockwise manner, and are available back to their place. Whichever kid is last, comes and stands in the centre of the circle; call him/her “smelling garlic”. Keep playing the sport till there are more smelling garlic than mayonnaise, salsa, and ketchup.

Where’s the Hat?

For the final camp game for kids, possess the kids sit in a circle and get one kid to sit in the middle. The kids within the circle will get a hat to pass through around from behind their backs. The kid relaxing in the middle will then close his/her eyes because the hat is being passed around. Then you’ll stop the passing and the kids will say, “Hat… hat… where’s the hat?” The kid will open his/her eyes and will get 3 chances to guess where it’s. If he/she can guess it right, whoever had the hat will be the middle of the circle. And when the guesses are wrong, begin the sport all over again till he/she gets it right.

Bird Hunt

It is really an interesting game to play if all of you’ve proper knowledge of the area you’re camping in. List down what they are called of the species of birds that can be observed in the area and hand over a listing containing these names to any or all the players. Each player will need to watch for the birds in the list and mark what they are called of the birds they spot. The very first person or the team which seems to mark off all the names within the list is declared the winner.


The ‘octopus’ is a of the most popular of all summer camp games for kids who are within the age group of 8 years and above. Farmville is quite simple to play, but needs a large group of kids. Choose one player from each team before beginning the game. These two players will behave as octopuses. Now these octopuses will have to stand it the middle of the playing area and also the remaining players will stand together in a single corner of the area. The camp coach will blow the whistle to begin the game on which the players will need to run and the octopuses will have to catch them.