Fresh drinks are healthier options for children looking for something fun to drink on a hot summer day.

Summer Drinks

Summer Drinks

The summer season for kids means a whole lot of fun in the sun! Summer signifies the time for scorching heat, hence, cool and engaging drinks are the ideal option to face the rising temperature. These drinks can be concocted inside a variety of ways! Besides, they are very easy to prepare, even kids can prepare these on their very own, during their summer vacations. For some, those sweet summer drinks really are a terrific memory of youth, and you may offer your kids with tasty, thirst-quenching summertime drinks which are unforgettable, affordable, and best of all healthy.

These healthy summer drinks especially for kids are sure to become favorites in your household, which healthy summer drinks might just become part of your kid’s most cherished childhood memories of enjoying delicious drinks with friends on a hot summer day.

Fruity Fizz

If your kids love the fizz of soft drinks and the flavor of a sweet fruit smoothie, give your kids the better of both in this fun and healthy summer drink. Place fruit such as ripe strawberries, peaches, or bananas in the blender, and blend the fruit until it’s smooth. Stir the pureed fruit right into a glass of ice-cold club soda, and your kids can also enjoy a healthy, fruity fizz that is sure to become one of the favorite summer drinks.

Lemonade Recipe

We may be living in a text-happy, but kids still prefer to set up lemonade stands. And when they are doing, they might as well sell the good stuff. This recipe is made from only real lemons, sugar and water. If the kids need to make this lemonade themselves, show them this step-by-step picture tutorial on steps to make lemonade.

Avocado Smoothie

This drink has to be tasted to become believed. It is not only rich and creamy but additionally a good source of vitamins, fiber, potassium, and good-for-you fats. Avocados are generally used in drinks and desserts.

Mixed berry shake

If you’re fond of berries, then a mixed berry shake can be the perfect solution to beat the heat, this summer. These shakes are simple to make and are immensely delectable to drink. Simply blend strawberries and raspberries after which, mix it with water to create this shake. You may also add some mint sprigs to add an indication of innovation to this drink making it all the more refreshing.

Tender coconut twist

If your lo loves drinking tender coconut water, then it’s awesome. Tender coconut water has natural coolant element which will keep your body well hydrated naturally. But if your lo is fussy about tender coconut water you might add pinch of grated ginger and one slice of pinneapple crushed. This can bring refreshing twist to normal tender coconut water.


Limeade served inside a full-bottomed pitcher easily accommodates a pretty garnish. Make the garnish tasty, too, using fruit-flavored ice cubes. Cut up the fruit of a honeydew melon into 1-inch pieces, puree inside a food processor, strain, and freeze in ice cube trays overnight. Likewise try pureed watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, and mango.

Fruity crusher

This crusher can be quite a intriguing option to cope up with the summer heat. Simply add mango and orange juice and include it with some peeled pineapple chunks to create this fruity crusher. Add some ice-cubes for this drink in order to enhance its taste.

Sour Apple Punch Having a Punch

Do your kids love sugar-sweetened fruit drinks on a hot summer day? Do your kids love sour treats? You can make a yummy, thirst-quenching sour apple punch which contains less sugar and more of a punch that ordinary fruit punch. Heat ½ cup of granulated sugar with one cup of water until the sugar completely dissolves. Pour it right into a pitcher, and stir in four glasses of apple juice and one cup of real lemon juice. Pour this sweetly sour summer drink over ice and serve. Your kids will like this unique and healthy summer drink.

Summer Drinks for Kids

Summer Drinks for Kids

Banana Honey Shake

If you want to enjoy the taste of a refreshing, healthy and delicious smoothie, this banana honey shake can be a perfect alternative. Blend banana, honey, ice-cubes and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make this unique and tasty smoothie.

Pineapple Cooler

Floral-scented herbs, for example lavender and lemon verbena, add subtle depth to fruit ades and iced tea. Here we add these to a pitcher of fresh pineapple juice, lemon juice, and sugar.