It’s summer! That means it’s the perfect time for kids to get out of the house. Planning a vacation to an exciting outdoor destination with the whole family can get complicated and expensive.

Summer means lots of time outdoors! It’s not easy to choose what to do each day since the possibilities are endless. It’s easy for kids to sit down around the house, watch TV, and play video games these days, so you’ll have to cause them to become get outside for some exercise. It’s additionally a good opportunity for some quality time with your children.

Affordable Outdoor Summer Activities with Kids

Affordable Outdoor Summer Activities with Kids

Staying active in the summer should be a no-brainer since its very easy to be outside, but how often has autumn rolled around, causing you to be wondering where summer went so quick? Make the best of your spare time and days off to enjoy your summer with great activities. Here are seven affordable outdoor summer activities for kids.

Start Jogging Or Running

No time like now to start jogging! Easy, affordable as well as an effective way of working out. Its smart to run in the early hours from the morning, before haze and hot sun sets in on the day.

Go biking

One of the best outdoor activities for any family is bike riding. It’s something that everyone is able to do and everyone enjoys! Even though you can bike ride any time during the day, we think the best times have been in the morning or after dinner- so the working parent(s) can also enjoy too. Also, the sun isn’t so intense at these times. Bike riding is an outdoor activity that allows you to explore your neighborhood and bond with the kids whilst getting exercise!

Water balloons

Play with water balloons! This activity can get a little messy, so it’s better if your kids are wearing bathing suits when participating. Fill up a bucket water balloons for your kids, and let them run around the yard splashing one another with them. Make sure that you tell them they can’t hit each other in the face using the balloons.

Go Camping

A simple favourite for so many because getting away from the city can feel so good. Make contact with nature and get some good rest. Weather its wilderness camping or tenting in a full service park, hanging out the campfire is priceless.

Chalk the driveway

Chalk the driveway

Nature scavenger hunt

In case your kids are big fans of nature, then make up a nature scavenger search for them! Create a list of things you know can be found in your front and back yard and let them go find these things. After they find something they can check them back their list!

Chalk the driveway

Winter time makes for antsy children. Summer time creates happy, creative kids! Take your kids outside and allow them to go crazy with sidewalk chalk. Have contests seeing who are able to draw the funniest monster, best house or craziest hair-do. Your children will have so much fun and can love being able to see their drawings around the driveway until the next rainstorm.

Frisbee tic-tac-toe

Get creative and play Frisbee tic-tac-toe. This is a fun, unique game to experience with the kids. On your driveway, draw a tic-tac-toe board with chalk. Then have each child stand about 5-10 feet from each side of the square. Allow them to take turns gently throwing the Frisbee onto a different square.